We were given the opportunity to embed the new Transceiver Automator for extending the automation of our bakery software solutions Probak and Prokas. We would never have been able to extend and automate our solutions so thoroughly and securely in such a short period of time without your product. Our customers even don't feel the proximity of the Automator, but it's there doing its daily job silently and precisely… Great concept, nice solution!

Marc De Schaepmeester
XerXes Software, Belgium

These days, the large mass of messages and data are usually exchanged via e-mail, FTP, browser or mobile phone. Unfortunately, these exchanges are subject to one or more of the following limitations:

  1. Limited file size
  2. Unwanted messages (spam)
  3. Uncertainty about the authenticity of origin
  4. Uncertainty about the integrity of the content
  5. Uncertainty about the confidentiality of the content (eavesdropping)
  6. Uncertainty about the logging of the communicating parties (privacy)
  7. Uncertainty about the denial of transmission/reception (non-repudiation)
  8. Uncertainty about the timing of transmission/reception (timestamping)
  9. Uncertainty about the archiving of the signatures (long-term validity)
The Transceiver technology enables everyone to exchange data privately and securely using industry standards and certified encryption algorithms.

For each of the above limitations, a separate solution probably exists that has to be maintained, which means an extra recurring cost for your organization. Our innovative Transceiver technology deals with all these limitations at once! It guarantees an absolutely secure, transparent and legal transfer of electronically signed data.

Your existing IT infrastructure enhanced with the Transceiver technology inherently raises trust between all the parties. That's why we invite you to explore and use the Transceiver technology. We highly appreciate your feedback.

Joost Devos